Kinnaur-Spiti Road Trip

A Journey To The Middle Land


8 - 15 March

Day 1

Reach Shimla by 6.30 AM. As we leave the bustling touristy town of Shimla, a scenic drive through the forest of Pine and Deodar takes us to the gates of Kinnaur. The mighty Sutlej River is a constant companion throughout the journey.  As we reach Sangla, after check-in we will head to the Kamru fort to get a panoramic view of the Sangla village. Today marks the beginning of the festival of Faguli in Baspa Valley.  Festivities will be in full swing at the Kamru fort. Stay at Sangla

Day 2

 Today is Holi, the festival of colors! Imagine playing with colors on the fresh backdrop of snow-covered mountains. And, if you are lucky a fresh snowfall is there to give you company. For women travellers, this is the SAFEST Holi celebration you will find in whole India! The whole day will be spent in playing with colors, dancing to the local tunes, eating fresh, hot local food. The evening will be Holika Dahana ceremony where we will dance with the Gods. Late evening will be spent in our cozy homestay which is sure to blow your mind with its crazy views.


Stay at Sangla.

Day 3

Today after breakfast, we will leave for Chitkul to enjoy the winter wonderland. Chitkul is the last village on the India-China border. Later, we will return to Sangla to celebrate Badi Holi. Everyone in the village will be dressed in their traditional attire with their signature green hat. Evening will be spent dancing with the locals and the Gods.

Stay at Sangla.

Day 4

We will embark on the journey to Spiti. Our stop for the day is Tabo, leaving behind the forests of Deodar and pine and moving to the rugged terrain of Spiti.

Stay at Tabo.

Day 5

We start the day with a visit to the oldest continuously operating Buddhist Monastery of Tabo. Tabo is said to be built in 996 A.D, making it more than 1020 years old. From Tabo, we drive towards Dhankar. Dhankar is home to the Dhankar Monastery, which is one of the oldest monasteries in the entire Himalayas. Dhankar Monastery is built at the confluence of the Pin and Lingti river. We will drive further to the town of Kaza. Bonfire session followed by the Stargazing session.

Stay at Kaza.

Day 6

After a lazy start of the day, we will head to the Icon of Spiti valley, Key Gompa. Moving further to the village of Chicham, where there is the highest bridge in the world. Later we will explore the village of Kibber. After lunch, we will drive to the famous Trio of Spiti valley, Hikkim, Komic, Langza. We will enjoy our sunset in the beautiful, serene village of Langza.

Stay at Kaza.

Day 7

Today, we start early for the village of Kalpa/Reckong peo. Early dinner followed by fun game sessions as it is our last night of the trip

Stay at Kalpa/Peo.

Day 8

We make our way back to the bustling town of Shimla, with a bagful of memories of a winter spent in a Himalayan wonderland.


  • The group size will be limited to 10. Bookings are done on a first come first serve basis. Kindly call before registering to check for availability.

  • Anything related to the trip, kindly contact the number provided at the end of the document.

  • We can help you book suitable buses. We can also book your tickets from Delhi to Shimla and Shimla to Delhi on an AC Volvo bus for a total price of Rs.3,000.

  • Please reach Shimla by 6.30 AM on the arrival day. We will be starting our drive to Sangla by 7 AM.

  • Your bus to Shimla should depart from Delhi by a maximum of 8 pm the day before the start date.

  • Your return bus from Shimla to Delhi can depart anytime post 6 PM on the final day.

  • The trip does not include any cost arisen due to any unforeseen circumstances such as natural disaster like landslides, roadblocks, heavy snowfall etc.

Cost of the trip: Rs.23,000/- Shimla to Shimla